How do I deal with her?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a while now and ever since we've started dating, his ex has done nothing but caused problems. At first, it was random texts telling him she missed him and still loved him (which I came to find out, they were together when we first started dating).

But now it's gotten completely out of hand. It's come to the point where I have gotten drinks thrown at me and threats to fight me (all by her friends). I've talked to her person to person on multiple occasions and have been told by her herself that we had come to an understanding and it would all stop. But it only stops for about a week at a time before she's texting him again.

My boyfriend has also talked to her, telling her specifically he wants nothing to do with her and he would appreciate it if she would leave both of us alone, yet it keeps going and it's really starting to frustrate and upset me.


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  • your boyfriend seems to live for the dram by responding to her in person or even something as simple as a both need to stay away from her and break all communications...the fact that she was still talking to him even after they broke up, doesn't mean that the break up was 100% and the fact that he hasn't changed his number or phone blocked her says otherwise that he has kept her open still...wouldn't surprise me if they were still emailing if not FB

  • She still has feelings for him and wants him back, she feels by geting rid of you ie break up up she will get him back, not a lot you can do , ignore her avoid her, throw a stick may she will chase it, or she needs to find a new bf...arrange it...


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