I cheated on him, do you get another chance or accept your consequence?

Ive been blessed enough to meet a man who literally love me for me. That looked past the ugliness I felt about myself and everyday told me he loved me. We were together for 3 months and during the middle of our 3 months relationship I sent another man a picture of me in lingurie. I did it once without thinking about him or how it would make him feel. He was told be this person about it and I admitted to it. I can honestly say it had begun to eat away at me and the guilt of it was starting to consume me with each day I found myself letting my heart go to this man..something I've never really been able to do with any other man. I love him more than I could ever express. I feel like I have much work to do on myself but I want him so badly to give me us another chance so I can prove to him how much he really does mean to me. I know it my heart tho that that's not really fair for me to want or receive at all. I just wish I could be forgiven by him. Do I truly deserve another chance or is this proper punishment for my bad behavior?


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  • you should move on...he recognized that you would cheat on this person and warned you about it and you still did it anyways...that's not something for second chances...you took love for granted and destroyed your trust to him


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  • Its not like you went out and slept with someone so...its not TOO bad but still if my bf/guy I liked was sending pics of himself half naked I would be steamed and feel like I can't trust him. Everyone deserves a second chance and I'm sure if he really does love you then he probly will give you another chance. If he does just work hard and show him that he's the only guy for you!


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