I cannot figure him out anymore. A little help?

My ex is acting like he is two different people lately. I think first of all it's important to note that we really only broke up three weeks ago. He told me he wasn't ready for the intimacy, plus we had just become long distance and we should just be friends. Two days ago I heard from him for the first time - he was telling me that he was coming into town this weekend etc. Then last night I received a series of texts, pretty flirty in nature, asking me to meet him and his brother out. I already had plans that I wasn't getting home from until late so I asked if we could get together tonight instead. He told me that sounded good to him and he would talk to me tomorrow(today)...I hadn't heard from him all day so I texted asking if we were still on for tonight. He responded by a call telling me it was good to hear my smile and proceeded with saying that he just ran a 5k and had been laying around so he wasn't sure what he was doing and sounded like he didn't really want to go out with me but he would let me know. What the F? Did he not ask me to hang out with him and flirt with me in the process? Obviously, we are not hanging out tonight. Did I miss something? I'm not sure I understand why he keeps changing his attitude on me..


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  • He's playing you up for a booty call. You are that maye you want to be. Maybe there is something special I can call it out but if your looking for marridge this long distance and meet his brother isn't normal. He should be like who are you. First... Who are you?

    • He isn't ready for intimacy...sex is what brought us to break up so your answer doesn't make a whole lot of sense in this situation...

    • He isn't ready for intimacy...sex is what brought us to break up so your answer doesn't make a whole lot of sense in this situation

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  • Wow! This guy is all over the place. Which definitely is part of the break-up process. It's not even been a month...so this is going to be an emotional time for both of you. Some people keep all those ranges of emotion inside themselves. But other people (like your ex) ride the emotional roller coaster hardcore and bring the people close to them into it.

    I think definitely, right now, he doesn't know what he wants. He loves you, but isn't ready to go further with you and he's struggling with that. I feel bad for him, but you know what? Bottom line, that's not your problem. You're no longer obligated to help him ride that problem out girl. And if you guys are going to truly be friends, you deserve to be treated TRULY like a friend and not this back and forth crap.

    I think two things need to happen here. 1) Give him some major space. Don't text/call until he does again. Don't initiate anything. 2) When he calls/texts, tell him you guys should probably have a quick chat whenever he gets a chance, just to clear the air.

    When you talk to him, just be casual and non-emotional and let him know that you just need to be on the same page as him. You need to know where you stand and what to expect from him and what he expects from you. You deserve to know those answers...it's only fair girl. Good luck hun! :)

    • Yes this is correct.. Just don't treat him like a pile of gargage and meet ad fall in love with other guys he won't forgive you.. He will never like you again..

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