My girlfriend cheated on me but wants me back, what should i do?

I was in a relationship with my girlfriend Kate but oneday my friend jack said he saw her kissing sum guy so I asked her and she just said yeh and she didn't even look guilty about which just ticked me off so I ended it but now she wants me back after about 6months saying she's sorry. But I'm not sure if I shud say yes because I gotta go to work for a month soon and she cud just end up cheating on me again during then so I'm not sure shud I take her back or not, I still sorta like her but just can't take it anymore.


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  • First of all, I sympathise with you, I know what it's like to be cheated on; and it ain't fun.

    It depends on whether you trust her or not though, things in a relationship run smoother when there's a strong trust, no worries or insecurities. But I guess if she's cheated now, then in the back of your mind you'll probably always wonder if she is.

    I think if you take her back, you're only asking for more hurt. It just depends on whether you're willing to take a risk with her or not.


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  • NO NO NO No No don't date her again she could just do it again.


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  • Well, as they say, once a cheater, always a cheater. This, coupled with the fact that she didn't show any remorse whatsoever leads me to think that she has no problem with the guilt of cheating.

    No man should stand for that kind of crap.

    • Thanks I thought that way at first and it still p*sses me off thinking about it and she LOOKed sorry but she just didn't sound it, I keep thinking she's just using me for my d***.

      Anyway thanks.

    • No problem, man. All the best for the future.

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