How do you get your ex back when its been a year?

I wanna no how to get my ex back after a year of us being apart. We have to be in contact cause we have a child so not talking to each other and not seeing each other is not possible.

She is now with someone else well she says they got together in June this year and for the start of the year she was saying give it time and things will work out.

I just wanna no what you guys would do!


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  • If she is seeing someone right now you might want to check this out ==> link

  • Give what time and what things will work out? Does she still want to be with you?

    • Give the break up time and then things will work out between us! And I very much doubt she does as she's with her new fella. When I asked nicely about them she didn't really know things about him and he's only met her parents once in the 5 months and she didn't even know how long they have been together. I asked if he minds that she sees me all the time and that we are going out on Saturday and she said she didn't care what he thinks. Plus she used to hate him before they got together ???????

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