Ex boyfriend signal decoding. Can I get outside perspective please?

So after a casual relationship of 3 months my boyfriend broke up wth me using excuses like he had to focus on studies and he was still hurt from previous relationship etc. He broke up with me via text. I said thank you for being honest and was great getting to know you, goodbye. 3 days later he said he felt shit but it was the right thing to do. He misses me and if i wanted to meet for a drink i must let him know. i replied he's been clear about what he wanted and thats fine and i wish him nothing but the best. week later he texted again saying he was in town and it would have been nice to see me. so i asked why and he said to talk. he's been thinking and anaylising himself for the passed 2 weeks and he's been missing me and he really enjoyed his time with me and i deserved more than that message. Later he drunkenly said he has been struggling the last few weeks and again said i deserved more and he feels like sht about what happened. Week later he texted saying i deserved more than him just ending it like that and he's sorry he freaked out in a big way, he doesn't want to see me because he feels guilty. he genuinely liked hanging out with me and things he sees still make him think of me. I told him of a show his favourite local artist was having in 2 months and he asked me to come with and when i was unsure he said well he had two tickets anyways and the offer was open. I got him a gift i had mentioned wanting to get him for Christmas and told him how about we go for that drink and you can get it. He hugged me for ages when he saw me. then a drink turned to supper and then coffee at my place before another long hug goodbye. 2 days later he sent my fave flowers to work. but his msgs are inconsistent. he doesn't flirt when he sees me. he asks how it is for me when we see each other because he doesn't want it to be awkward. Is he friendzoning me? i can't figure him out.
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To be fair, he's never been sex driven. It took a while for us to have sex to start with but I've never felt that it was just about that. It wasn't the biggest part of the relationship and i feel likes he's okay without it so i dont think thats it.
Ex boyfriend signal decoding. Can I get outside perspective please?
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