I'm torn and just need simple straightening out...advice?

I have feelings for two different guys... bad to start off with I know, but the first guy I've liked for a while. Actually ever since the first day I saw him, and we kinda had an over the phone thing (he moved away after his first year living near me). I know I shouldn't like him because our relationship is strictly... let's say... fun. and the feelings I have for him have changed since he's moved. They used to be like "I wanna be your GF" now they're more like "I wanna touch you..."

The other guy I started liking after the first guy and I had a falling out... and he makes my stomach flip every time I see him. The sad thing is, I'm too afraid to do anything about talking to him, and for now my chance is gone...

I think I should just get over both of them, but... I've come to the conclusion that that ' not happening any time soon... but I just need someone to help me figure out what to do...


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  • Well since your friends with the first guy, I would just stay friends...because it sounds like it is just strictly for fun.

    and as for the second guy, it sounds like you like him more, and that you'd want more with him..relationship wise. I don't believe it's ever too late, get to know him and see what happens then.

  • omg the same thing happened with me

    liked the guy first time I saw him, he moved (for work) he recently turned 19, michael

    nd the other guy, is actually my boyfriend, a few months older than me, adam

    so I was in love with my boyfriend and my best friend

    my feelings are the strongest for them when I'm with them or just tlkin ove msn/fb

    michael knows that I love him, but I would never cheat on anyone, so he respects my wishes

    adam doesn't know I love both of them, if he did, he would leave me

    i rarely get to talk to michael, so I don't think about him as much anymore. the love I have for him lessens, but as soon as I talk to him, there it is again

    i know that I have a chance with both of them, cos they both love me, and accept me

    sometimes, its better to forget

    sometimes, not so much

    whatever you decide to do, make sure its what you want, not what you've been told to do

    best wishes xx

    • Thanks so much. as much as I'm sure it sucks for you too, its good to know I'm not the only one going through it... I feel like I'm such a fool for having feelings for them because I feel like I don't really have a chance with either of them. But I completely agree with what you said about you're best friendMichael. I don't even think about the guy that moved until I start texting him again and bam! instant attraction all over again.

      thanks for you're help. you definately made me feel better!

    • Glad to help dal :)

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