I think he is giving me all the signs to end it. What is the most dignified way to break up with him?

I was dating a guy for a year long distance. Right before he deployed for Iraq I caught him cheating and broke up with him. While deployed we reconnected. He stop seeing the other girl. He came home three weeks ago. I drove to spend a long weekend with him and after that communication has pretty much stopped. If we are texting and he says he'll call me later he then follows it up with "Well you may need to text and remind me cause I could get pretty lost in my video games" Also the weekend I was with him he spent every smoke break Facebook chatting with ex girlfriends. If I read this right he is pushing me to break up because he can not do it for some reason or wants a back pocket sex partner. I don't want a long dramatic conversation about why etc. I just want to let him know that we don't want the same things and therefore we should go our own ways, but the few times I speak with him I have no idea how to start. Expect blurting it our. Any advice on how to do this quick?


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  • Well just off the top of my head, you could go with the "we seem to be looking for different things" approach. Just explain that you want something more committed and monogamous and serious than he seems to and so you think it's time to seek that elsewhere and you wish him luck.


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