How do I get him to leave me alone - properly, and let me move on?

This guy I been in a situation with for some time wouldn't let things progress with us yet wouldn't leave me alone either - he knew how I felt and would use this to subtly reel me back in then when I asked what was going on he would shoot me down aggressively. I've had more than enough of this and I want him to stay away from me and let me move on and be in a proper relationship with someone (else - not him).

How do I get him to do this?

I think he thinks he can mess with me anytime he wants.

How do I deal with it if he continues this?

To be honest he has completely turned me off this time so I don't think I'll have much trouble ignoring his efforts or games from now on. I really want to let things progress properly with someone else and I want to be in a proper relationship with someone else. (which is unfortunate cos we were so perfect for each other at one point but that's all ruined now)

Any help or ideas in dealing with this?



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  • if you have a strong case, you can try a restraining order, if things are bad, there's really no point in being proper about letting him should be ignoring him, but you're not and only letting him continue his behavior towards you

    • Believe me...i ignored him for a very loooong time. so I had to try dealing with it directly. which didn't help either.

      anyway thanks.

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