Why hasn't he texted back, or am I just thinking about it too much?

so this guy who is my next door neighbor and I haven't actually properly met yet has been talking to me everyday over facebook or texting. we talk for ages till like 1am some night. anyways last night he finally mentioned that we should meet up so we decided that tomorrow we would go for a walk. anyways in the meantime last night at 1am he accidentally fell asleep while texting me so he sent me a message at 8am the next morning when I was still asleep I unfortunately didn't get it until 12pm but was going into a year 12 exam and had no time to reply. I then remembered at like 9pm felt really bad and texted him back saying sorry he replied "Late as reply miss! Ha ha how was your exam?" so anyways I texted him then he didn't reply for over half an hour so I texted him again and he replied straight away and I just replied to his second message and its been 1/2 and hr and he still hasn't replied. last night we were up till 1 texting and talking all day even thou he was away with his mates. so why now is he not texting me like normal, it doesn't make sense. He has been starting the conversations majority of the time anyways so its not like I am talking to much what should I do? or I am I just thinking way to much into this whole situation?


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  • stop being a crank pu**y hole! he lives next door throw some flaming dog poop at his door!


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