How do I get him to own up to his mistakes?

Boyfriend cheated on me with another girl. They never broke up and he lied about that. I started questioning him because the other girl contacted me and was suspicious of me. We ended up agreeing that he cheated on us. He told her I was just a friend, and vice versa.

He broke up with me when I told him I knew what happened and said he had been meaning to break up and he kissed the other girl on Monday because he was planning on breaking up. He ditched me three days before prom.

He then started begging the other girl to take him back, but has been ignoring me. Our mutual friend kept telling him he needed to talk to me in person, and he said that we were never dating and we had a casual relationship which is a big lie.

He doesn’t believe he cheated and says we never dated which really hurts because I lost my virginity to him.

How should I go about this?
How do I get him to own up to his mistakes?
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