What should I do?

Oh goodness where do i start? So i had build my walls pretty good to keep girls out of my heart. Then i got lonely. And so i created an online dating account. I had some fun looking through the girls. But didn't really expect to find anyone. Then this girl messaged me. And something just told me to message her back. I live in texas she lives in mississippi. So we talked and got phone numbers. And skyped. And fell in love. So after a couple months of us talking and officially "dating" i went up to see her on spring break. I loved her. She loved me. Then about a month after i that she texted and said we need to talk. I knew it immediatly. I called her right then. And she said i just dont feel anything anymore (referring to that special butterflies in your stomach feeling). I told her that was normal. But that you know deep down you love them. So we were both busy and i said lets talk about this later. I tried to get her to just give us 2 more weeks. But she wouldn't agree. So later that night i told her to text me when she got out of her school study group. So she did. And said im sorry i messaged you. I dont think i can ever love someone. I thought id try to give a relationship another try. I tried calling her and she sent me to voicemail twice. I love her very much. And it wasn't till that weekend that i realized that i hadn't just lost my girlfriend. I had lost my best friend too. Nobody ever believes me. But i still feel like there's something there. And that she really does still love me. One of my good friends told me to wait till the end of the month to text her and see how she is if she hasn't already texted me. That will be nearly 3 weeks since it happened. I love her so much and we went together so well and made such a cute couple. https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/q3063151-do-we-make-a-cute-couple

Im so heart broken and i want her back so much! What do i do?
What should I do?
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