Should I text him or let him text me?

I've been getting with a guy.. been on a few dates, watched movies, made out a LOT, held hands, talked until 3am, but he was a bit weird with me 2 nights ago when I saw him at a club... he was really drunk and pretty much ignored me.. now I'm paranoid like a typical girl.

He hasn't spoken to me since, should I just keep waiting.. will he text me?

Why do you think he was weird with me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's just being a typical drunken guy.. he probably still likes you but that's just the usual stuff we do,dont text him..let him guilt it out 4 a while,dont be a pushover

    • Why do guys do that when they're drunk?

    • Just like when guys get drunk they don't think...nd its so much easier to be a jerk than sensitive...i know that sounds really stupid..but like you have 2 put ure feelings on the line when ure sensitive..r worst elements come out when they're drunk

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd wait if I were you. No need to chase him. He was probably weird because he was drunk. People act different when they've got booze in them. If you can't stand waiting .. you could always text him saying how was your weekend or if he liked the club .. something along those lines


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