When he's unhappy and in a rut?

Okay so to cut a long story short - myself and my now ex have been on/off in the last 5 and a half years. However in November of 2016 something traumatic happened which brought us closer together and we decided to try again. Things were different and I thought we'd finally broken that pattern. Then last week I noticed he stopped saying I love you and then was saying he wanted to move home (we live abroad) and wasn't sure if he wanted me to go. After a few days he decided to end our relationship claiming he was unhappy. Now I've noticed we've been in a rut, we've had a lot of financial problems this year and haven't had money to do anything ourselves and when I suggested things like the beach he couldn't be bothered so I stopped asking.
He has also mentioned that he feels I don't support him, he suffered panic attacks and although I do too and have never meant to berate him, I have stressed when he's gone to the hospital and then made another bill to pay. Plus due to me not liking his teammates I stopped going to watch him play rugby, so I can see fault on both sides.
So really what I want advice on is how to go through all of this. Whether he comes back or not i have no idea but I need guidance on how to get through this for myself. Even though he says there isn't I can't get the thought of him with someone else out my head and driving myself crazy. Also to note, we live together. He is moving out at the end of the month when he gets paid so got at least another week living together. Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the essay!
When he's unhappy and in a rut?
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