When is my ex going to say yes and see me?

So my ex told me that I would get to see him soon but that he just has been backed up with school work and what not before he was going away. This was like 2 weeks ago and he still had not yet contacted me to come see him. When I see him we are going to talk bout where we stand with each other because its not to clear. I want him back but I don't know if he still needs time to be alone. We broke up due to too much of each other I guess and that this year for him in school is crucial and he doesn't have time for anything. With is true. I just want to be back with him and figure what's going on. The last time I saw him was in September like 3 weeks after we broke up I went over and we did stuff. And he had told me he hadn't done nothing with none at all since we broke up . It made me feel good to hear that and I hope that's still the case. What could be going through his head? When will he want to see me and when will we know if we are going to get back together. My stuff is still at his house and if anything I would like it back. This is so frustrating to me to we have been broken up almost 2 months in a few days and I just want it to be back to normal . Help what should I do?

this is driving me crazy I sent him a message last night and told him I was off of work this whole week if he wanted to see me at all. I know he's super busy with school work and barly had time to do anything but likelmk ya kno. talk to me. tell me
if you want me or not don't like keep me waiting. eventho I would still go back with him. but don't make me suffer ya kno if yu want me tell me if not tell me otherwise. and give me my stuff back. I think well get bk together but might take a while ughhhh


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  • He's not going to see you anymore.

    Don't go back with him.


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