Why did he keep leading me on??

I started having feelings for my guy friend and I found out from him and others that he likes me back too. But he didn't want to start anything because I'm on of his friends ex girlfriend and friends just don't do those things...very understandable right? I get that! BUT what I don't get is why he knew this the whole time...and yet he STILL lead me on...and flirted like crazy...and said he missed me and that I'm so cute all that sh*t. WHY? it just makes the situation worse when the feelings actually come out in the end. Am I right?

Why would he do that?
lol that's the thing though, when I have feelings for someone I go for it and my ex does not even care lol he knows about it, he encourages it. But still my guy friend I like still thinks its wrong even if my ex says its fine. Understandable yes...but y
continued: why would he still keep flirting with me even when he already knew he didn't want to pursue this...it just does not make sense to me at all. It hurts.


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  • it takes two to tango, you also played a part in continuing the cycle of playing each other off..flirting goes back and forth, intimate talk, which you could have stopped knowing the red lights, your friends to his ex and you went along with the gossip of being together rather than listening to you and him and what you both were actually expecting...so, you're partly to blame as well


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  • He can still like you,because you can't change what your feeling,he know the law of a relationship. You don't mess with a friend ex,but that doesn't stop the way he feels,so he didn't lead you on,he likes you! He was telling you the truth,he know he can't step on his friend toes,man or a woman should never do that to a friend!


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