Can I still get back with my ex?

We broke up last month, over a misunderstanding but it resulted in him losing trust in me and breaking up with me. We no longer text, but I still have feelings for him.

(and in all honestly, he's the type of guy who holds grudges for a while)

anyways, we've been best friends for a few years and dated for a few months, and fortunately for me, we still have to see each other bc we go to the same school, and go to the same place on the weekends and on nights. (his friends are also my friends)

we've had small talk, sometimes he ignores me, but other times since - we've talked like we were friends again, but then he still seems kind of distant, can't really explain it. I want to get back with him bad, cause he's one of the few genuine guys I know...

basically, do you think I have a chance?
(sorry my English is terrible)
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Can I still get back with my ex?
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