How do I get my man back?

I rejected this sweet guy so many times until after the 20th time he asked, I said yes. He wanted to break down the walls I had around my heart and he knew I had incredible trust issues due to my past.

We really hit it off for the first few days but I was still pretty mean to him occasionally because I was terrified of getting hurt. People told me that he went to homecoming with one girl and asked another girl for nudes 2 weeks later. They also told me he's had a lot of girlfriends in a short time span because he was a successful sweet talker. 3 people told me the same thing so I started insulting him more because I was terrified of being hurt. I thought in my mind if I hurt him first, he can't hurt me.

He kept swearing he didn't do that stuff but everyone I talked to had negative opinions. I didn't know who to trust so I dumped him over text because again, I was afraid of being hurt again. My last boyfriend left me with depression and I still haven't gotten rid of it.

After thinking things through, I want him back. He was kind to me and I didn't get any f-boy vibes. He was so so patient with me. He told me he wouldn't mind marrying me. He trusted me with his phone.
Now I realize I was straight up awful and I let fear drive someone amazing away. What should I do? I want him back and what I did is tearing me apart. I legitimately hate myself.
How do I get my man back?
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