Girls, what did this female teacher want?

Okay , first of all , for all the people who may say this is a fantasy or just arousing talk believe me it's not
Well today I had a lesson with a female teacher , it was a private lesson at her home , when I got home we were alone and no one else was there so I just went to the table and sat down with her
As she was talking she was playing with her hair a lot but it didn't bother me but then I noticed she was wearing some sort of a sleeping cloth ( kinda revealing )
I said it's fine she must want to just be comfortable
Then she just kinda of leaned a bit and kind of squeezed her boobs by just bringing her arms together , her boobs were almost out of her revealing shirt ( some of the top buttons were unbuttoned ) not to lie I started to get suspicious
Then she just kind of stood up and beant over the top looking into my eyes for a while without talking , I kinda of didn't know what to do or say
Then she just arched her back , she just over ghe table and arched her back down liffting her ass up and revealing her boobs infront of my face
For a moment I though to just go stand up and lift her kind of a dress and pound her ass ( I was never going to , I have a girlfriend and this would be cheating by the way )
I just lost focus for a little while and didn't know what was happening
Sorry for the long describtion but was this normal or she wanted me to. fuck her?
by the way this is not the first time a female teacher want me , another female teacher almost as old as this one ( 32 to 38 ) tell me that she wanted me to fuck her
And this comes badly with me as I want to dominate and older woman and just fuck her roughly and make her my little bitch
But again , I have a girlfriend and I never have the intention to sleep with any other girl , just please let me know if you think this teacher wants the same as the other ones before her
Girls, what did this female teacher want?
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