Do I still have a chance at getting him back?

Long story short I broke up with him twice. First cause it was too fast and second I needed space to think(((family stuff))). Wile on that break I got drunk and slept with one of my guy besties. I felt bad and told him, he said he was going to put it in the past and wanted a fresh start with me. We planed our lives out, with going to collage the house he was going to buy, he wanted to marry me and said he wanted 4 kids all girls. A wile later we got in a fight it was huge, he told me that when I told him about sleeping drunk with my guy bestie he went out and slept with his skanky co worker. I was so mad that I said some things that were all lies. He believed me and called me a bitch and a whore. Then a month later I called him back after he left a few messages. He told me to call him when I wasn't in a relationship with my guy bestie. It has been 3 months since the whole break up and him calling. Do I have a chance on getting him back?

i have had a few rebound relationships since him and I always missed him more than I liked the new guy. I keep on thinkiing about how we had our lives planed out and it feels wrong to be with the new guy


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  • Only one way to find out that is try, call him and see if he still intersted...


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