My ex has moved on. Help me understand him..please

my ex has moved on.. but when asked by my friend if he still wants me.. he said he's happy now.. I don't understand what he means by that.. I added him in Facebook..but doesn't want to accept it..

he wrote me a letter.. he said he still loves me, but for now we have to focus on our lives.. he said.. if we really are meant to be together.. no man can change that..

I don't understand him.. I know I can move on, but I just can't now because I can't get mad at him..


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  • Being heartbroken sucks ass - the only thing that's ever helped me was comedy/friends/being busy.

    As for clarifying it; I think your damn certain what it means, I just think your unwilling to accept it's literal meaning (of what he said).. He's moved on girl, there's nothing you can do to change that (unless you are going to take the challenging risk of voiding respect to gain attraction in your favor).. Manipulation is not the way to go..

    To be honest; persistance was key with my ex - she was able to show me she still cared by coming around often just to have a chat, and she'd blatantly say just that. After a while I grew feelings for her again (mind you I was single the whole time), and we went back to dating..

    Best of luck,

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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