What makes a man cheat and why?

I really want to know the reasons why MEN cheat. Anyone wants to share? Comments from the guys are much appreciated.


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  • Every human needs love, affection and attention.. Especially from the person they love..

    Well, talking of myself, I might cheat on my girl if she doesn't respect me, continuously nags me and is a pain in my life.

    This dissatisfaction in one's relation makes him look for love in other places --> Cheating.

    If a girl finds his guy cheating on her, rather than getting mad at him, just take a minute and ask him WHY he did that or where did she go wrong. Analyze his answer. If his answer is valid, think about working on things and getting the relationship back on track.

    But there are many guys out there who are jerks. They might just cheat to 'Feel good' about it. It's best to dump such guys and move on.


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What Guys Said 2

  • * Some men are just promiscuous.

    * Society allows it of men.

    * Men get boasting points from it.

    * Some women treat their men like crap.

    * Grass is greener on the 'other side'.

    * An attractive woman comes along, and you can't resist.

    * A lonely woman comes along, and she knows how to seduce you.

    * Some men have high testosterone levels.

    * Some men feel sex-starved (specially in a long-term relationship).

    * The same partner can appear 'boring' over time.

    * Men lust for younger women (sometimes).

    * Mid-life crisis can be very real...

  • It's not like they want to cheat is more that we flirt almost with every girl we find good looking but we do it mostly for sex, just that not beacuse we do care about her but like I said not always.


What Girls Said 2

  • 1) He doesn't love her

    2) She doesn't love him anymore

    3) Women let men get away with it, they take them back for fear of being alone

    4) The girl is a nag & makes him feel like crap

    5) The opportunity was there

    6) It boosts his ego

    7) They can get away with it. What she doesn't know won't hurt him

    8) It's challenging & exciting

    9) She cheated on him

    10) She doesn't put out

    Sorry, that's the unfortunate truth of why men cheat.

  • everyone wants what they can't have. I think it can depend on how a person was raised as well. My ex was raised proper catholic. He did everything his parents told him and was an all around good boy. Unless you knew him further you would find that he was constantly talking to girls online and sexting and sending naked pics of himself. People are different and people have different needs and wants. If a guy isn't getting exactly what he wants in the bedroom from one girl what's gonna stop him from finding someone who will? I have an arrangement with my boyfriend that if another girl comes along and he wants to sleep with her he can as long as we talk about it and I'm aloud to sleep with another man if I want. Some men just can't help it, and some can.


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