Should she get a divorce?

I'm really worried for my friend. I have no idea on what kind of advice i should be giving her because we're different ages and i'm not married myself and i don't have a particular stance on marriage. So the problem...

She has a job, a husband, and 4 of the most adorable kids!!!
When she's at home, i guess she's sort of a house wife. She does all of the cleaning and cooking and she takes care of the children more than the husband because he works more than she does. She and I have a very similar stance on sex, we don't really care for it. So... before she was married to the guy, they weren't having a whole bunch of sex before, so it's not like they were going at it like rabbits and then she suddenly just stopped. As far as I know, their sex life hasn't changed from what it already was. And they've been together for 5 years.

Apparently he wants to have sex more. She doesn't want it, but she's forcing herself into it anyways. She tells me it's not like she's "star-fishing", but she can't help if he can see right through her fake-ness. He gets mad every time cuz she isn't into it. Her point of view is that she at least tries to make herself available whenever he wants. But since he's still mad, she suggested that he sleep with other women as long as he doesn't catch feelings because sex isn't for her. He still got upset, but he did sleep with other women but he says he isn't "satisfied". She loves him, she just doesn't love sex. So she brought up divorce to him because she says she's making him unhappy and the kids can see it too, so now he's threatening to take the kids away from her if she tries to separate.
I think she's doing everything she can to try to keep her family together, but what do i know? I'm not that into men, and i have no idea what it's like to be married.

So what do you think? Is she in the wrong for wanting a divorce? Is he in the wrong for getting so upset? Why isn't he more understanding? Why isn't he satisfied? Should she get the divorce?
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This question is old, and my friend has moved passed this problem but because I’m bored and have more followers now I’d like to know what ya think 😉
Should she get a divorce?
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