Should I confront her or just move on?

OK so basically a girl I was going out with called it off after she moved to a new city got a new job etc she basically said she was too busy to be in a relationship.

However I get the impression their is another guy involved, a guy 'friend' she has known for a while who now lives pretty close to her. I know they have been out together as a group of friends and I also heard they shared a bed together after a night out recently. I know we're not really a couple anymore but this is really grating on me. Should I confront her about it or just leave it and move on. I'm quite angry and don't want to say something I'd regret but at the same time I feel really disrespected


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What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't confront her about it. I'd gurantee you'd regret it, and you'd look back in a month's time and think "Why did I bother?"

    It's not going to make you feel any better so I wouldn't do it. Just try and forget about it and move on, I know it's hard.


What Guys Said 1

  • Would confronting her solve any purpose?

    In my opinion, it would only leave both of you with a bitter taste.

    And more importantly, if things won't change (Seems unlikely that they would), then there's no use confronting her. Just be strong and move on.

    Good luck!


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