Does it sound like he’s over me?

so ever since my ex and I broke up, we’ve been having sex and we still hang out and whatnot and I’ve been helping him get things in line for school, but we agreed to keep an open mind and see other people while we heal before trying again with us. Just last week, we went to a baseball game together, he told me he loved me, and would call every day after work to talk to me and hear my voice. On Sunday, he told me he had scheduled a date with another girl (he told me about her before, but they never ended up going out) I asked when the date was, he said he didn’t know. But he promised our agreement still stood. Since that day, he hardly talks to me, and last night when I confronted him he said he was SEEING her. He said he hadn’t been on the date yet. And then this morning, he told me if I go to see our friend who was visiting, he would not come if I was there.
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Does it sound like he’s over me?
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