Is he worth moving for?

OK so to make a long story short I moved to the city after I graduated and fell for this guy who never showed very much interest in me. When I moved back home which is about a half a days drive away. A year later (Last week) I went back up to visit all my friends. And he acted totally different kissing my forehead all the time, putting his arms around me, sneaking short but cute kisses on my lips when no one else was paying attention. The day before I left he made a point to come see me before I left and told me he was going to drive down to my home town to visit me in the spring. So is he worth moving back to the city for? I love it there and didn't want to move home the first time and I was already thinking of moving back. But the thought of him makes me feel like I want to even more. He is amazing guy, sweet, cute, charming, and all around great.? your opinion?


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  • hes obv relised you leaving he has feelings for you they say you don't know what you have untill you loose it the fact that he never payed attention to you maybe have been a front and always had feelings for you but never showed it also he obv admires you for leaving and getting on with your life and making it a good life for your self don't go back stay where you are make some money buid what you have then maybe you can go back later you never know who you might meet where you are now try settle down little if he lovfes you he might want to join you there and get a job don't go back in your life go forward he can come to you good luck it sound all good for you :)

  • If you move back, make sure you do it because you genuinely like living there. Whatever you do, do for yourself. It doesn't seem like things are serious at all, so you should think this through. If you end up moving for this guy only, you'll end up resenting him.

    Good luck.


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