I never got the closure that I needed. I feel like the dumbest girl in the world.

My ex dumped me a year ago. We had a bad break up. The last time I talk to him was months ago. He was my first boyfriend. He dumped because of I am a virgin. We dated over 16months. He didn't want to do the long distance relationship either. We he moved to college, It seem like he wanted a way out anyway because we had an argument and that was it He still blame everything on me. He was done. He never admitted nothing he did wrong.He never admitted it was because of sex when I asked. He just said nothing and you are not what I want.

I always initiated contact. He never see how I am doing or am I still alive which makes me think he never loved me. I just the fact, I expect him to cordial to me. (NOT FRIENDS) CORDIAL

Not even happy birthdays...My birthday last year he didn't even wish me happy birthday. I facebooked him and ask about he said "NOV 12, how could I not remember"

And still no happy birthday, no call no text...

I feel so dumb, because actually loved him...Why do men treat women like crap that actually loved them?

I never got the closure that I needed. So I am moving on myself...IT hurts..



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  • Sounds like me ... he must have felt really close to you. Give him the benefit of the doubt, don't assume he broke up with you over no sex, nobody deserves judgement. Don't assume he never loved you, the reason it seems that way is probably because he loved you so much.. it's hard for some people to hold a regular friendship after an intimate relationship, 16 months is a long time. Nothing wrong with that though, I understand your heart hurts but time heals all wounds. Whatever you do don't blame him, never burn your bridges you might need to cross them again some day.

    • I wasn't saying friends just some acknowlegement if he really did love me. He is still single. It not like he is married. I would understand. He is still the same old person. What's wrong with just eing CORDIAL.

      Not friends.

    • It was too hard for me to be friends with my first love afterward. It's very hard on some people. After some time apart why don't you tell him how you feel and tell him you need to patch things over so you can move on.

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  • well you're definately dumb because you can't even string a sentence together without bad grammar

  • Did he try to have sex with you but you didn't let him?

    • What does that suppose to mean

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