How would you feel if you were to meet up with your ex-girlfriend?

I was just wondering what would be going on a guy's mind if .. let's say after a month of virtually no contact, you (the guy) agreed to meet up with your ex-girlfriend (who was the one to ask for the meeting.. and who's the dumpee) to talk about what happened weeks before you initiated the breakup. and let's say you broke up with her because she let you down many times(meanwhile, she apologized about it). lets also say you left her for another girl (who's the other ex) who's the sweetest girl on earth and who treats you like a god. in the first place, would you agree to have a drink with the ex-gf to have a conversation ? if so, would you be nervous to see the chick you've just dumped ? would you be scared about anything ? what would you think about her ? how would you expect her to react ? would you feel confused ?


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  • I would agree to it, but once you started talking about why we broke up or whatever I would be uncomfortable and turned off (not sexually). It sounds like maybe you want some closure. If he agrees I would make it quick and then ask him how everything else is with him, give him the impression that you're glad he's happy with things, etc etc. If you still have feelings for him but now he has a new girlfriend, he probably doesn't want to hear that ... I wouldn't want to. Keep it casual and if he wants to stay friends he's a good person, treat him like a friend, not an ex. DONT BURN YOUR BRIDGES HUN

    • Thanks for replying ! you kinda confirmed what I initially thought (even though I did not want to accept it lol...). and at first, I wanted to stay friends with him .. but I've changed my mind : it ll be too painful. I feel like I have no other chance with him .. so why should I endure more pain by remaining friends ? and I don't know if I ll manage to go from the serious/awful breakup convo (many questions need to be answered) to the friendly casual one ... specially since he s my first love

    • Yeah, my first love went the same way. I broke up with her but she's the one who couldn't talk anymore. I learned to accept it, we patched things up but both decided to move on without a friendship because it'd make things easier for the both of us. Best wishes :)

    • Thanks again for replying, I appreciate. I'm going through a really rough time. after how many weeks or months did you patch things up with your ex ? when did you meet up to talk ? did you feel any better afterwards? because at the moment, I'm freaking out. supposed to see him in 2 days. I'm an emotional wreck.. can't sleep, can't eat much, been having panic attacks every morning. can't control my thoughts which wander constantly towards him and her being together, picturing them together. it makes me so sick.

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  • It is very disrepectful for her new girlfriend. if he decided to meet you without telling her. He might do more hurt to you during the convo. sinnce he might have moved on completely. I think you better move on yourself without such meetings. Such meeting is going ot complicate the matter more and you will come out more hurt then before. Friendship will definately not work with him if you still have feelings for him.

    • Well .. I don't know if he told her ... I presume so because it took him ard 10 min to text me back. so he must have pondered over it. I know the meeting and the convo will hurt me .. and trust me, I'm dreading it. just seeing him will feel like stabbing another knife in my heart (thats already how I've been feeling for the past month). I thought abt calling everything off .. but at the same time, not knowing some stuff is killing me.

  • A meeting like that is a loaded gun. The only reason to want a meeting like that is to desire reconciliation. The only reason a guy would want to attend such a meeting would be to reconcile or hook up through having no better options. No one in their right mind wants to meet just to reiterate the past...

    • Yah, I know.. :s but the thing is he broke up with me without any explanation and in the worst way. and we have mutual friends, so .. maybe, we both don't want it to be awkward if someday we happen to run into each other.and I don't know .. maybe he feels like he owes me an explanation (he's actually a nice bloke). what do you reckon ?

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    • OK. I'm honestly freaking out. I'm supposed to meet him in 2 days and I feel like texting him : "do you think its a good idea to see each other to talk ?". I don't know what to do .. all I know is the pain of missing him and knowing him with her is driving me crazy. you certainly gonna advise me to cancel the meeting .. but before the breakup, he said really hurtful things .. that need to be discussed. what should I do ? what should I say ? I'm thinking of confronting him with what he said.

    • Why do they need to be discussed?

  • Wow. If I was happy with my new girl, I wouldn't be seeing a girl who treated me like sh*t. Being treated like a god is only good for a while. And sometime you just can't explain why you want something else. But he does. How do you feel?


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