Should I give my ex his belongings back?

So me and my ex have been broken up for 2 weeks, and not had any contact since. I took all his things back but forgot a few bits including his passport, he text asking for it back should I just give it to him or tell him if he wants them he'll have to come and get them? I really want to see him to talk things through but I'm worried demanding this might push him further away?


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  • First off, it's his and he asked for it. Second, if you "hold it hostage" it won't get you closer to him. He will know you only are holding on in hopes that maybe you two can work things out. What do you do? Tell him it's in the mail and mail it to him. The more you want to see him the worse the meeting will be. You will be searching for answers or asking for him to reconsider, which is what he will be expecting. The more you act like it doesn't phase you the better off you will be. In my experience you always feel worse when you contact or see and ex when you are not completely over them.

    • I absolutley agree with realdeal. It is best to mail everything you possibly can or arrange for the items to be picked up without contact it will only hurt you. IM in the same situation and the less contact the better for you trust me you will not want to have that talk when he's on a mission without you. I have come to terms with this even though its been only 15 days the only time I responded was to say it's mailed short and sweet. She calls, text me I have not responded my pain is less.

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  • Well .. he needs his passport, right ? you need to get some answers from him, right ? so, you tell him to come pick up his belongings at your place. come up with whatever plausible excuse you can use. I'm sure ull find one ;) it will not push him further away if you find the right (as in "innocent and nice") words.


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