How do I cut off contact with my ex in the nicest way possible?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 4 months ago
He broke it off because we argued too much and so he thinks we are not compatible.
We decided to remain "friends"
So he still contacts me regularly every week and still wants to hang out every week (at least once a week) after the break up
He still tells me whats going on in his life and sometimes tells me his problems and asking for advice
He told me that he's pursuing his dream career as well so he can't make more time for me and can't give me the full attention anymore
But thing is.. I still had feelings for him all this time
So its hard to act just as friends whenever we hang out
Lately, I've been seeing this new guy and well.. my feelings for my ex is slowly fading.. and Im starting to like this new guy
And so I've been thinking to cut contact with my ex for good
Even tho he's a great guy and treated me good
I was planning to type my ex a paragraph message about us moving on with our lives and letting each other go and send this via facebook messenger and block him straight away
Or should i just block my ex?
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How do I cut off contact with my ex in the nicest way possible?
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