I'm driving myself mad because I have no closure.. help!

I was with a guy for three months, we got on really well and I'd never felt anything like the feelings I had for him, I'd been in love before and my feelings were certainly a lot stronger for the new guy. We'd been so happy, discussing a bright and realistic future together and being so excited to be in such a good relationship.

Yesterday, he left me, we had been arguing and he had lied to me about smoking. To be honest, I am really heart broken I feel empty and lonely even though I'm surrounded by people. I've never felt so bad in my life, when I go to sleep, it feels like I have no motivation to wake up too?

Anyway, he left me because he said I didn't trust him, I know I do though but there was no way I could prove it so he said it wasn't working. Then, we walked back to his, hardly saying a word, I'd tried saying everything I could think off. I picked up my stuff, then we sat on the bed, he held my hand and cuddled close and we were acting so normal, making jokes and climbing on each other.

We walked back to town holding hands, I asked if there was any hope and his words were "I don't want to say yes or no but I don't want you to get your hopes up..if it's meant to be, it will happen naturally" .. Then I kissed him, we hugged and he whispered that he loved me, I said "don't give up on me" he said he won't and walked away and I haven't heard from him since. We both said we weren't looking for anyone else and arranged to see each other this Friday and go to the cinema.

He's different to most guys in my eyes, I know he wouldn't hurt me on purpose but what do I do? I feel so confused and alone, I don't want to contact him first but I really need to know where I stand, I know you all hear this a lot on this site and despite the fact I'm reasonably young, I do love him and I believe he is my soul mate but I really need some help with this, none of my friends know what to say.

I can't sleep very well, I haven't eaten in days and I feel constantly alone.

Thank you for reading and please, I just want honest opinions, no false hope. <3


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  • I been through a similar situation but a lot more harsh and to be totally honest with you

    it's not that he left you because of the trust :// it's cause he simple just doesn't

    Want to keep going on with what you had and yea they make plans with you

    Just to get you up there but soon they let you fall been there :l

    && about the he's different TRUST me that is what I thought about my ex

    Like he was the only "true" guy left on the face of this planet but the truth

    Was he was TOTALLY the opposite && his prob talking to someone else

    and yes I know it hurts girl :( :(

    I could just imagine what your going through but like I told myself

    LIFE GOES ON, not matter what and if he does not want to be with me

    Ooh well yea took me time and up to this date its still is in ehh :l

    But I do my best to just brush it off try to go out with friends party,

    talk to new people

    && as well one big thing concentrate in school that could help

    You to take your mind off him. Hope it helps(:


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  • I feel for you, girl ... :( some blokes appear to be experts at sending out mixed signals .. they don't care if the girl can't move on .. or get any closure because of their attitude. in thoses cases, its sad to say but they just think about themselves. usually, mixed signals are bad news ... :s :( hope you find someone who treats you right. hope you eventually forget about him and your past relationship. take care


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