Why is he viewing my Snaps?

Hey guys, hope you are well,
My boyfriend and i broke up about 7 weeks ago. It wasn't mutual but we didn't have a fight either he ended it, which his reasons were personal issues on his end. We always had a good relationship that lasted 4 and half years we're both in our late 20s, i always knew he had difficulties even financially but none the less I stayed. I took him off my social medias because of how i angry i was, including my snapchat however he has another snapchat aswell where we use to communicate on in the beginning. i didn't remove that cuz i just didn't see a reason too. But the day i deleted him he went on it and viewed my snap and viewed a few other snaps after like when it gets 23hrs remaining. What is he doing? or why is he doing it so you think there's a motive.. i msgd him once during the break up but no i didn't act crazy and kept msging because of the depth of how much it hurts i dnt reach out not because i never have the urge to but because i don't want to have false hope. I still love him if we had a chance to get back together i would take it
Why is he viewing my Snaps?
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