Sex with an ex: Can it work?

So I just recently split from my long-term boyfriend (almost 6 years) a little over a week ago. It was really painful at first and I dont think either of us really wanted to do it. Our main problem was our sex life; it sounds a bit tragic but he never really thought I had any passion for him and I never really thought he had any passion for me, so our chemistry in bed together was always lacking. To be fair, it's not that I didn't want him, I just felt like I couldn't really trust him emotionally and that sort of bled into my feelings for him sexually as well. He picked up on this and over time he became less interested in me physically too because he thought I was too cold towards him. He initially was the one who wanted to break up because he wanted to try dating other people. Then he was having second thoughts and we tried to make things work for a little bit longer. The sex had gotten better honestly, I think since we had a long, honest discussion about our feelings prior to this and we were both making more of an effort to improve things. Eventually though, I knew that it would take a long time for him to earn back my trust and he still wasn't sure whether or not he could commit 100% to the relationship, or if he still needed to "sew his wild oats". So in the end, our breakup was mutual. Still incredibly painful but mutual.

He's living with his friend now and we're still on good terms. We still text occasionally and he's been coming over occasionally to pick things up from our apartment. To get to the point though, my attraction for him him has been through the roof lately; I don't know if it's just cause I miss him or if it's cause there's no more pressure in terms of making the relationship work, but I can't stop thinking about f*cking him. I miss his touch and his body, and it just makes me sad that I could never express my desire for him when we were actually together. Now when he comes over I get this rush of excitement. Should I run with it?
Sex with an ex: Can it work?
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