My Ex-Boyfriend's Brother - Uh-oh! Help!

I dated Steve for about 1 year. We broke things off mutually and still keep in touch...definitely no drama, we just weren't right for each other and the passion sizzled out..

I've been spending more and more time with his older brother Tom (we run in the same circle of friends sometimes). We've been really hitting it off and I think we're getting close to one of us asking the other on a date. Is this wrong? Steve and I have been broken up for about two years.


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  • No, it's been two years. Besides, this is between the brothers' court. If the ex has a problem with his older brother hanging out with you then I guess he'll say something to his brother. But keep doing what you're doing, there's nothing wrong with it! Besides, it seems that all three of you are acting maturely about it anyways.


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