I threw away my boyfriends college football Jersey?

So I had a boyfriend for about a year. Everything was good up until the last two months. He was acting sneaky. But still was saying he loved me so I left it alone.

Then one day I had a job interview where I dressed up really nice. I got the job and was super excited. My interview place was 10 minutes from his work place. So I thought I was gonna come and get a drink and say hi.

Long story short one of his co workers and him were being super flirtatious. It didn't help my boyfriend introduced me to her as "a friend" after a year of dating.

So I saw her eyeing me suspiciously so when she walked past I stopped her and talked like really friendly "are you and Jer dating~?" And she said "well, we aren't supposed to but yeah haha" so I responded "omg he's cute you snagged a good one lol~lol"

On the inside I was freaking out... I sat for 5 minutes to not look suspicious to run out immediately after. Then put 30 dollars on the table and walked out. I didn't even wait for a check.

And didn't bother saying bye to my so called boyfriend

When I got home I just threw myself on the bed and cried myself asleep. I woke up with a text from Jer saying ''we can still be friends tho right?"

I told him "no I don't want to."

Then I threw out the necklace the stuffed cat the dried flowers I got from my birthday. And his Jersey I accidentally wore home a few days before.

Now 6 months after the breakup I feel guilty that I threw the jersey out. Should I feel guilty or 'fuck him'?

by the way he still sends me friend requests on fb even though I deny them every time.
I threw away my boyfriends college football Jersey?
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