Help with a guy! Details inside.

So, I really liked this guy. I had gone over to his house a few times to hang out, we never kissed or anything, just talked. And then one night about a month ago he text me (he lives out of town now for work). He asked if I wanted to go to see him a hotel in town. He didn't want to drive home so he got a room. He said there were two beds and we could watch a movie or something. I was in a bad emotional state and crying so I went to watch a movie. We laid side my side and talked then he kissed me. That turned into sex and I spent the night. Next morning he wanted me to stay for a bit but I left. Text him later on that day at the urging of a friend and he didn't really text much. A day or so later I was texting him and my friend was like `wow, it don't seem like he wants to talk to you. `so I did what he said to do and text him, `do you not want to talk to me or something?` He sent back can angry text saying, oh he is sorry he is busy with work and can't text me all the time and he is sorry he wants to move far away and in that case no he doesn't want to talk to me. So I left it and sent him a text a day or so later asking if he could meet me and talk. Never did get a response. Should I just let it go and move on? Or text him today just saying hi?


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  • maintain your composure for now and keep contacting him as best you can...he's feeling a bit insecure or awkward, especially with things seeming like a one night stand...tell him how you feel so he can stop being hot/cold, more defined

  • If he doenst respond then he's not interested or busy, you can try again just to be sure then let it go.


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