Why would you accept to be friends with your ex on MSN but still block her?

I just cannot understand such a behavior. he dumps me, starts a relationship with another girl few days later, then I add him on MSN .. he accepts but blocks me ?! why simply not refuse the friendship request ? yet he replies to my sms.

I know .. its such a stupid question but its bugging me so much.


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  • If I had to hazard a guess I'd say he is either just being childish or something about seeing you online or potentially getting caught in a conversation with you is something he wishes to avoid. I've accepted friend requests later to just block the girl cause I simply wasn't comfortable continuing contact.

    Some people keep ex's, some don't. It is just the nature of the game I think

    • Well, he is definitely afraid I would fly off the handle since he dumped me all of a sudden and not in a nice way at all. but at the same time, he accepted to talk face-to-face. all of this makes me feel confused ...

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