Asked for a break - does it matter who called for the break?

I met this guy at work. We had a great relationship for 6 months. Unfortunately, he has been going through a tough time in terms of career (i. e. not knowing where he is going to be in 3 months, aka uncertainty about career/financial situation). Since then he has been distant, frequency of texts/hang-out reduced dramatically. I asked him about it and his words were "nothing personal about us, just a lot in head". And this continue for 2 months, which I thought was enough "space". I looked down/irritated whenever we were hanging out, and he verbalized that he has no sexual desires due to everything going on.

From this, my sense was that he is probably not in the right mindset to have a relationship. So I brought it up - let's figure out life first as there is too much going on. And that this is not a good bye but just a pause. He seemed slightly surprised but was not opposed to the idea (as in he did not try to convince me otherwise).

Since then, we are good to each other at work, but nothing outside of work. Two weeks after I called for the break, I suggested for a catch-up, which he declined. He lashes at times for no good reason.

So of course I don't have much option than giving him the space.

My question is - do I let him reach out when he is ready? Or given that it is me who called the break, am I sort of expected to reach out?
Asked for a break - does it matter who called for the break?
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