Will my boyfriend end up calling or texting me?

So on Thursday me and my boyfriend got into a stupid fight that wasn't even worth having, its kind of my fault because I was the one to start it. He ended up getting so angry he basically said he's done with me. so the next day I texted him apologizing and saying how I should not have started that fight. he was still angry I guess, because he told me that he's done and to leave him alone and basically lashing out. I was so upset because I just wanted to fix things and I didn't mean to start this. We never hardly get into huge fights - only have had 3 big fights our whole relationship. So after Friday I stopped talking to him completely until Tuesday I needed to ask him for a phone # so he gave it to me. We made small talk a little I asked him if he hated me he said no, he said he will talk to me another day because he was busy... I just want to know if he will end up coming around and talk to me or what I should do? I am having such a hard time not contacting him only because I'm worried and don't want things to end - especially end on bad terms like that. but I know contacting him will only make things worse right now. I just want him to miss me and realize what we really have together - we have an amazing connection we both have never had before with anyone else...I don't want to loose him - he means so much to me. Do you think he is just upset ?


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  • The way you behaved would have killed that 'passion' within me if you were my girlfriend.

    You didn't try hard enough to make it up to him. Try harder and say sorry like you mean it.

    I'm sure he misses you too.

    Good luck!

    • What would you want the girl to do to make it up to you?? I don't wanna keep msging him I'm scared that will push him away even more. do you think it will?

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    • So I decided yesterday to suck up my pride - since I was the one who started things I should be the one apologizing. I knew he was working so I just msged him few times apologzing sincerely and asking if he could maybe come by this weekend so we could talk in person.....at first he didn't reply for a while then he replied and said "i never said I wasn't going to talk to you again" so that was a first good start! we talked a little bit more then later at night he asked where I was and

    • See.. There you go!

      God bless!

  • Sounds like he is done to me. If I were you I would make one big last effort and then stop. Who knows, maybe he'll forgive you in a couple of weeks or so. What did you do?


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