Ex just randomly unblocked me on Facebook?

I was with someone for overall 2 and a bit years, both our first serious relationship. We had split for half a year once due to trust issues and it ended on bad terms (Mutual decision and he blocked and deleted me off everything), but we got back together after 6 months and realized how much we missed each other.

We were really close, got on very well :|! He seemed to love me a great deal and always would talk about how he didn't want to lose me again and wanted to be with me in the long run. I don't usually plan ahead like that but I did want the same thing too.

But then we started to argue a bit again over us both being a bit possessive and split again on bad terms at the end of September (he ended it and blocked and deleted me off everything again).

I did literally everything to try sort stuff out with us but he just kept saying that nothing will change and that he couldn't do it again, and didn't want to speak to me again... So I gave him his space and told him I wouldn't contact him.

I understand I shouldn't have contact now and I don't plan on doing so,

but on Monday night I seen that he had unblocked me on facebook because I seen him commenting on someones status...

So that's confused me, I don't think it could have been an accident / facebook error because you have to go through settings I think, but I don't see why he would want to unblock me cause of after everything that's happened and he seems be having a lot of fun drinking and stuff and going out. Unless he's doing it to see what I'm up to or to spite me...

His mum had also text me over the weekend to ask how I've been and how Halloween was, and she told me that he's still got this picture up on his shelf that I painted for him :S.

Really weird stuff.

I do understand that I shouldn't focus so much on one person and move on but Its hard not to miss him still and I do still have feelings for him :/.

So being unblocked on facebook and the picture still up? What do you think this means? Or am I looking too much into it?

Thanks x


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  • that is so hard! I mean we have all been curious about our ex's if they had facebook or other social networking sites. Obviously the only person who really knows is him. Do you want to go through the hell you went through again? is it worth it? We can tell you all these possibilities but in the en he has the answers. If the situation is really bothering me I would block him and move on. It is not worth the curiosity and "what if's"... But I do think he is not mad at you but if he really wanted you back, he would be contacting you. Good luck!

  • He probably just isn't mad at you anymore, and is trying not to be totally mean about it. I understand how you can miss him like that. I have real trouble moving on sometimes, but that is what I advise you do. If the facebook stuff bothers you and makes you think about him then maybe you should block him so you don't have to be reminded.


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