How to handle ex blocking you when you want her back?

Hi everyone. I'll leave this very short and sweet. If you have questions about details I'll gladly elaborate:
-girlfriend dumped me for not being the man she fell in love with at the beginning
- she told me I need to be the man she first met, but she couldn't say about our future and that she IS single
-ive started to change and improve myself. These issues I have to work on take time and won't be overnight
- she hooked up with two different guys (one ex) the first week after the breakup
- we started hanging out as friends on the agreement I wouldn't bring up the relationship or the possibility of one
- she stayed the night two nights in a row; we cuddled and kissed. No sex
- last night she saw her ex with another woman, and it upset her. She said she was jealous. I asked her if that means she still has feelings for him. This set her off and she ended up leaving my apartment.
-discovered this morning I am blocked on social media. I could still text her, but haven't yet.
- I am planning on giving her space and not reaching out to her as I improve myself. Hoping that after a while of me not messaging her (I was really clingy I will admit) she may unblock me and see what I am up to

Anyone else been in this situation or have any insight advice etc to offer? Thanks.
How to handle ex blocking you when you want her back?
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