Should I give it another go?

Hi guys

I recently broke up with my boyfriend if one year. We got on so well, and I fell head over heels in love with him. however, there have been a lot of rocky periods that have made me anxious and doubt myself and the way he really feels about me. At the start he lied to me about having a woman round for “drinks” - still claims it was a friend but he lied until he got caught. He took me for granted a lot in the first 8 months and I then found out he was messaging a girl he’d met on tinder when he was on it before. Again, he lied until I caught him out.
After that he started making more effort, but then said a disrespectful joke about my best friend and said I was overreacting when I got upset. THEN he got drunk and called me a whore, which he claims he can’t remember and has apologised for. Obviously I got fed up and just stopped trying, whilst he was being more than affectionate.
We ended up splitting last week and he’s been texting to say how much he loves me and he’s do anything to try again. I miss him so much, we have had some really good times but I can’t let go of the way he’s hurt me. He can’t understand why it’s ended and says we should try again. What should I do? 😔
Should I give it another go?
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