He said he really liked me but then went back to his ex?

I knew of this guy through mutual friends but hadn't really met him before until he told a close friend of mine told her how he really liked me. I'd always thought he was quite hot and he seemed a pretty decent guy. We then spoke on the phone from when my friend was with him a few times and spoke facebook and just had a good laugh whenever we spoke. Something about his clicked and even he knew it, My friend told him not to mess me around like a typical guy (sorry) and he said he really wouldn't because he liked me.

When I came back home from my college break we were both on a night out together and ended up (stupidly) hooking up. Afterward he told me that we should have gotten to know each other more first and that because I'm at college the long distance wouldn't work between. We were texting and that after but then he just wouldn't speak to me at all. After all the things he said to me about liking me a lot he got back with his ex girlfriend and never even told me. He ignored me on nights out whenever I was back home. In the end I confronted him about it during my summer break he told me he'd been in a "really hard place" and all this.

I just want to know why he changed his mind and decided to have nothing to do with me. What annoys me more is the fact that everyone says how much of a good guy he is.

Why say you liked me that much to just blow me off? :(


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  • Seems like he didn't like you enought but that move must of said it all that you should forget about him.


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