Should I move for my boyfriend?

me and my boyfriend have been dating for a yr and i really love but we go to school 6 hours away from each other. should i transfer and go to his school


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  • Focus on your future first; there will be plenty of boys later on. Moving is a big step. You'll have to leave your friend and family and move your things to go live with him. Not to mention you'll have to transfer schools, which is a hassle as well. Like Jane said, why doesn't he transfer to your school instead?

    I personally don't believe in long distance relationships simply for this reason. More likely than not, the guy will expect me to change my life to accommodate him and I don't feel like I should do that.

    And don't type in all caps- it looks like you're shouting and it's annoying to read.

  • why doesn't he transfer to your school instead of you transferring to his?


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