The unspoken word of sleeping with other people while taking a break?

We've been dating for almost 3 years now.. right after Christmas we took a break because things were getting too heated between us. 3 weeks went by and she called me crying saying how much she missed me, etc... I come to find dirty texts between her and a guy, not just any guy.. but the person she dumped me for at first in high school, when we got back together I asked her to erase him out of her life cause he only wanted to use her for sex, but she didn't come to realize it after they broke up.. so anyway i found dirty texts between them when I woke up and she was in the bathroom. I confronted her and begged her to tell me if she slept with him and she kept telling me no.. so I said "lemme go through your phone then, that would be the worse case scenario and if you didn't then I'm not worried.. she wouldn't give me her phone for the next 30 min but eventually gave in.. I took the phone and drove away to a nearby parking lot so she could stop reaching for the phone every 2 seconds I had it in my hand.. I knew she was hiding something... so I scrolled through snapchat until I saw the text "should I buy you a plan b?"from the same f'ng guy that she dumped me for before our almost 3 year relationship... that was enough for me to leave... but I promised her that I'd give her another chance... now it's been about 4 months and the thought of her lying to me and deceiving me haunts my brain on a daily and she's supposed to be helping me get passed this. I asked her to do to things since I saw those stomach twisting texts.
1: try to make amends with my family so that we can have at least that relationship on a good track.
2: make me feel like I mean the world to you and that no other man will compare.
So I can hopefully one day get over the fact of how much she lied to me then making me feel like the bad person for not believing her. And hopefully to build the trust back. But ever since then, she hasn't done those 2 things, there's more 2 it but I'm just trying this out to see
The unspoken word of sleeping with other people while taking a break?
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