If you only live once why do people end up settling?

I see SO many people in unhappy relationships and it makes me wonder why people settle like this? If you only live once why waste your time with someone you are not happy with?


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  • Oh I know right? We already know why: Fear of never finding someone, wanting to settle down and get out of the player stage, thinking we found the right one, etc..

    My perception is that all these games/chasing/etc is for exactly what they are meant for: Getting to know one another.. But I don't think it should end there like most people make it. Think about it - how many times have you actually focused on understanding how your partner feels about different things?.. Well, considering my answer to the previous question is: "I've tried but never succeeded" - then why was I considering marrying her? SIMPLE! We get caught up in emotions.

    - Because this girl made me feel awesome, I wanted to be with her forever. Luckfully I chose otherwise after realizing several things that had not presented themselves till then.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • The reason people "settle" is because they don't know how to form real relationships. They think whatever looks they had as a teenager will last forever, and when they lose them (and the guys who used to chase them are going younger instead) they are at a loss to figure out why. So they just "settle" for whatever they can get.

    Basically, people who "settle" are those who don't know how to stop being kids and turn into adults.

  • Maybe its because if people accept no one but the guy/girl who fulfills every single one of his/her unspoken expectations, they'll die alone.

    And like you said, you only live once.


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  • Because they have hope that things will work out, people are often afraid of being alone so they put through with bad relationships just to have someone by their side.

  • all about hope and patience

    if you believe that that person really loves you, then he'd be willing to work things out with you even if both are you are going through troubles

    if your unhappy now then maybe if you waited a bit longer if would get better. if your negative most of the time and don't even bother wasting your time to work it out...then why be in a relationship? you guys are taking the easy way out when you just break it off cause of your patience. yes you do live once, but lifes all about risking too...you loved him once and you gave him a chance. there's no way that love just magically disappears.

    i mean I'm in one right now...and I'm not really happy about it and he knows it. but I really do believe it will get better and we just gotta work it out. we all have problems. even if I dated another guy we're still gonna go through problems. well then ill just do it all with this one guy, it'd save time too. he may be the one ill be spending the rest of my live with...at least I'm giving everyone a chance. we all go through ups and downs...


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