Is it possible to get her back?

My girlfriend broke up with me out of nowhere and did it the coward way (didn't actually tell me just started ignoring me). Since then she expressed an interest in being friends. There was no cheating or being unfaithful in any way but looking back I see I did a lot wrong I was clingy jealous and didn't respect her emotion like I should of. Now she's talking to/ seeing but not dating another guy as far as I know. This ones more for the ladies but guys if you have experience that would help to. I'm doing the no contact for now but my question is can I prove to her that wasn't really me and I can change. We had a very close relationship and at multiple times expressed our interest in a long term future together but after the breakup she all of a sudden went back on all of that. What can I do to win her back it's hard to prove I won't be a clingy jealous boyfriend if were not together and she's wrapped up in a rebound. Even though she said she doesn't love me and some other hurtful things I don't see how she can deny everything she said when we were together.
We were in a relationship for a little over a year I know not eternity but a long time especially since we spent almost every day together. That probably contributed to the break up in the end. We were each others best friend and enjoyed the same things
Passions and hopes for the future. That's what makes this so sad and I really want to believe shell realize this I'd wrong and I deserve a second chance ladies have you been in a similar situation and gave your ex another chance even if in a rebound?


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  • Girls are just cruel sometimes and maybe just needed a little break from being with the same guy, it happens and I think all really good relationships go through many break ups at some point and get back together, and even if you don't feel like it'll get better,just talk to her and it will. Tell her everything you feel, let her know that you need her and that you're all hers. But absolutely let her know that you will change for her .


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  • Don't take anything she told you while you were together too serious right now, especially if it was early in the relationship during the "honeymoon" phase. If she really wanted a long term future with you she wouldn't have dumped you.

    It's very doubtful she ended the relationship "out of nowhere". Usually, the person who is going to end the relationship gets ready over a period of time and mentally prepares. This is why people who get dumped typically wonder how their ex "got over" the relationship so fast. It's because they already clocked out long before they told you it was officially over.

    You were clingy in the relationship, so in her mind you're always going to be clingy. You aren't going to change that perspective now.

    Whether this "new guy" was involved before or after the "breakup" is hard to say, but don't be surprised if she at least had certain feelings for this guy while still with you.

    Long story short: you're not getting her back. Time to start moving on.


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