Why would a girl keep on asking me if I have broken up with my ex?

A good (girl) friend of mine keeps on asking me about how it is going with my ex girlfriend and always asks if we have broken up. What does this mean? We had a one night fling and have been good friends for a couple of years. Is she just genuinely concerned or is there more too it? Thanks, Roobinho


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  • i guess she must be interested in you, a girl never keeps asking about the same thing unless she very concerned... but if the two of you were just good friends she might be interested to know how are things in you life..to cut a long story short you are the only one who can answer this because you can analyse her body language and facial expressions.. while she is asking :)))

    good luck

    • Thanks, well that was my other question as she often lies down on the couch facing me and not to be crude but she has big breasts and seems to be showing them off!! Maybe I'm going mad!

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  • She probably likes you & wants to make sure you aren't going out with your ex anymore. She most likely wants you for yourself.


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  • maybe she is into you

    and doesn't want to tell you till she knows your over her so she can have a try

    i would try talking to her ( ;


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