How do I get over my ex?

Justin pursude me from the get-go. He was the perfect gentlemen and made me feel like an absolute princess, and we had so much in common. I'd had relationships before, but I had never been with someone who made me feel so great about myself and who shared so many similar interests.

We were together a few months, and during that time he told me as much as university full-time, he wanted to join the military part-time, so I encouraged him to follow his dreams. He told me no matter what, he would still make time for our relationship.

After about a month or so in the military, as well as school, he broke up with me, completely out of left field. There were no signs, no red flags, nothing at all. We were still intimate, going in dates, being affectionate and he wasn't distancing himself from me. Just out of the blue told me he didn't have the time to focus on a relationship, but he was very upset when ending it and cried.

After the relationship ended, he blocked me on Messenger and deleted me on all social media. I wasn't sure why as I wasn't harrassing him or even messaging him.

It's been four months and he unblocked me on Facebook abiut two months ago and ever since he broke up with me, he's been viewing my online dating profile frequently. I would never reach out, but to this day I still miss him terribly.

How do I get over this? I think it was the hardest breakup because the end was not seen coming.
How do I get over my ex?
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