What do you think about a woman that dump a good man for a loser?

well this is my situation, my ex is successful woman, business woman (money), from a good family. Me, im a guy that have got better and better professionally through the years, i went to college, i have a good career, im responsable, no kids, no debts, always always doing the right thing in life, im 27 years old, she's 33, her family loves me, omg you name it , im a good man, and i treated her like a QUEEN for last 4 years, im very formal , kind, i am all a woman can ask for, faithful at all times, i love cooking, take care of the house all the time etc etc etc.

Well my ex dump me for a married man with 3 kids (she never wanted to have kids, which i accepted) he was married for 14 years with his ex wife. When she dump me, the guy took over 2 weeks after (yes she was cheating on me) and started to live in her house (my ex's house) and now the kids live with her , one week, one week the mother. The guy is a fucking loser, debts, never went to school, didn't finish high school, he's from the country, has been in jail for drug dealing, tattoes. His ex wife told me that he's not a home man, like, dosent cook , dosent care about shit, is TOTALLY THE OPOSITE OF WHAT I AM... what do you think about my situation, what the fuck just happened to me? she fucking went nuts, and come on!! our sex life was good, she used ot squirt with me. lol
What do you think about a woman that dump a good man for a loser?
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